APA Workshop: Focus: Cities (APA4150.01)

Elizabeth Coleman; Susie Ibarra

This workshop is designed to enable students to pursue a variety of issues relating to the advancing of public action. Cities serves both as a shared focus and a place to integrate a wide and rich variety of perspectives. Students will also be presenting their work to the workshop as it unfolds. Some portion of the workshop will also be dedicated to exploring concepts and methods that are capable of transforming ones relationship to public action independent of the particular issue being pursued. Bennington faculty and staff, CAPA Fellows and guests will participate throughout the workshop. The workshop will run throughout the year. Admission to the workshop requires a written statement outlining ones plans for how it will be used and an interview by the instructor.

Prerequisites: By permission of instructor
Credits: 4
W 8:00am-12noon
Maximum Enrollment: 25
Course Frequency:
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