Object Oriented: Creating and Making with Technology (DA4208.01)

Robert Ransick; Jon Isherwood

This class examines sophisticated technologies including , laser cutting, 3D printing, and CNC milling that provide new opportunities for conceiving and realizing creative ideas. We engage this new landscape of object making in relation to the fine arts and design. We will examine and respond to varying methodologies that have provoked a re-calibration of conceptual, aesthetic, and design values. Readings investigate current scholarship with respect to an ecology of things, emphasizing broader social, cultural and environmental concerns. We will develop and initiate strategies to move from idea to prototype, to final project. Students are encouraged to have some experience with a 3D program, Adobe Illustrator and/or physical computing.

Technologist: Guy Snover

Prerequisites: Permission of the instructors.
Credits: 4
W 10:10am-12noon,2:10pm-4:00pm
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency:
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