Faculty Performance Production: Great Expectations (DRA4575.01)

Kirk Jackson

Long before the feel-good self-help industry gave us “pay it forward”, Charles Dickens gave us Great Expectations. The story of orphan Pip’s social, moral and educational coming-of-age serves as critique of the wages of progress and the eternal value of friendship and gratitude. Dickens’ genius for creating memorable characters is robus, from young Pip, loyal Joe, his spiteful wife, the distant Estella, Magwitch the convict, Jaggers the lawyer, and most famously the bitter enigmatic Miss Havisham.

In our ensemble-based adaptation the twenty plus characters and the story’s first-person narrator will be collectively shared by multiple voices. Dickens loved the theater and stage adaptations of his novels have proliferated since he himself began the tradition of performing A Christmas Carol.

This class consists of the hours of study in and out of rehearsal necessary for an actor to build a successful performance in production.

Prerequisites: By audition only. Students should prepare a two-minute memorized monologue to be scheduled during Drama auditions held the first week of the term
Credits: 4
M 7-10:30, T 7-10:30, W 7-10:30, Th 7-10:30, S 1-5pm
Maximum Enrollment: 20
Course Frequency:
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