Drawing Intensive Rome – FWT 2014 (AH4309.01)

Donald Sherefkin; Dan Hofstadter

Dan Hofstadter and Donald Sherefkin will be offering a three week drawing intensive in Rome, Italy for FWT 2014.  The focus of the studio will be the art and architecture of Rome. Mornings will be spent doing on-site sketching, and afternoon studio sessions will be organized around specific workshops.

The cost of the class is still being calculated, but will be around $2,726. This does not include airfare or meals in Rome. This covers airport transfers, 20 nights in an apartment shared with classmates, trips to Tivoli and Ostia, plus the use of an architecture studio at the University of Arkansas Rome Center. There is a Wi-Fi in the studio. It also covers up to $200 for entry fees.

This course will be offered over FWT. Interested students should register for this course in spring 2013; credits earned will count towards the credit requirements for spring 2014. Contact Donald Sherefkin for course details. (Note: Registered students who are eligible will receive a partial waiver for the number of hours normally required during FWT. Please contact the FWT Office for details.)

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor. Please contact Donald Sherefkin for sign-up details.
Credits: 4
Three weeks over FWT 2014 (January 23 - February 12, 2014).
Maximum Enrollment: 16
Course Frequency:
This course is categorized as Four Credit, Three Week, Updates, 4000, Art History, Donald Sherefkin, Dan Hofstadter, All courses.