How the “Boom” Went Bust (SPA4706.01)

Jonathan Pitcher

In 1961, Jorge Luis Borges shared the Formentor prize with Samuel Beckett, thus internationalizing Latin American culture and supposedly initiating the Boom. Whether the swagger of the ensuing decades marked the apex of the continent’s artistic production, or was simply the result of a single Spanish publishing house’s hype, feeding a neo-imperialist world’s expectations of Latin America back to itself, is open to debate. The proposal is not merely to study the rather difficult literary work of the Big Four magical realists, but also to compare it to the pre- and post-Boom periods, to contextualize it as a social, even economic, phenomenon. The course will therefore include historical texts, art, film, and innumerable clouds of yellow butterflies. Students will forge, write, and debate opinions with evidence gleaned from research. Conducted in Spanish, and not for the fainthearted. Advanced level.

Prerequisites: Six terms of Spanish, or permission of the instructor.
Credits: 4
T 10:10am - 12noon; F 10:10am - 12noon
Maximum Enrollment: 10
Course Frequency:
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