Metal Workshop Part II (SCU4110.02)

John Umphlett

This course is project based and students are evaluated on their ability to use the shop tools with proficiency and safety. For the second seven weeks we will develop skills in working with equipment that lends itself to non- ferrous metals, other exotic alloys, and stainless steel. We will gain knowledge of GTAW welding in the areas of direct current electrode negative (DCEN), direct current electrode positive (DCEP), and also AC welding. With new technologies we are able to adjust the output frequency of AC welding and broaden the possibilities of fabrication. Along with the welding capabilities that will be taught, appropriate preparation and clean-up processes will be practiced.

This course will be offered the second seven weeks of term.

Prerequisites: SCU2206, Building materials: metalshop 1
Credits: 2
F 8:20am - 12noon (second seven weeks)
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency:
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