Performance Art: Histories and Legacies (AH4307.01)

Carol Stakenas

This course will explore performance art in the 1970’s, emphasizing the evolution of performance within a broader drive toward artistic experimentation that cut across many spheres of cultural production.

Celebrating the ways that performance art has grown organically – and in varied directions – this seminar will highlight connections between performance art and other contemporaneous art forms (theater, experiments in music and architecture, fashion and video art) and explore the ways artists are informed by cultural practices that developed primarily outside of the artistic sphere (such as feminism, drag, punk, and popular education, to name a few).

Performance Art: Histories and Legacies will actively interrogate a central issue at the core of performance art studies: How can one revisit performance art after the fact? Through documentation? Through re-staging the work by the original artist? Through a contemporary reinvention by another? This seminar will offer opportunities to consider the limits and possibilities of each strategy.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor.
Credits: 4
Th 8:20am - 12noon
Maximum Enrollment: 16
Course Frequency:
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