Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems (MAT4108.01)

Kathryn Montovan

Differential equations are the most powerful and most pervasive mathematical tool in the sciences and are fundamental in pure mathematics as well. Almost every system whose components interact continuously over time can be modeled by a differential equation, for example: planets, stars, fluids, electric circuits, predator and prey populations, epidemics, and economics. We will start by studying classical theory of ordinary differential equations then will develop dynamical systems approaches to understanding more complex systems. The goal throughout the course will be to better understand the behavior of the system or equations being studied through the use of advanced mathematics.

Prerequisites: Calculus and permission of the instructor
Credits: 4
T 8:10am - 10:00am; F 8:10am - 10:00am
Maximum Enrollment: 16
Course Frequency:
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