Introduction to Game Programming (CS2121.01)

Justin Vasselli

Once thought to be the pastime of pimple-faced boys and testosterone-pumped young men, today video games are enjoyed by people of all ages, regardless of gender. The rising popularity of smartphones and ubiquity of the internet have greatly broadened the reach of the medium, and have simultaneously made it easier for smaller and smaller teams to publish their games.

This course, suitable for beginning programmers, will introduce game design and Unity3D, a free game development platform that is widely used in the industry today. It also will serve as an introduction to object-oriented programming with C#. We will talk about input, camera controls, game physics, sound effects and artificial intelligence. Students will think critically about games they’ve played in order to design their own game and implement a prototype by the end of the course. Assignments will include writing reviews of their favourite games, making a clone of a classic game, writing a game design proposal, and implementing a prototype of their original game design.

Prerequisites: None.
Credits: 4
M 4:10pm - 6:00pm; Th 4:10pm - 6:00pm
Maximum Enrollment: 16
Course Frequency:
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