Chromophilia: Explorations in Color (VA4215.01)

Ann Pibal

Chromophilia, a term coined by contemporary aesthetic philosopher David Batchelor, refers to intense passion and love for color. What is it about color that has the power to induce reverie, and conversely to manipulate, or disgust? How de we understand and respond to color from philosophical, phenomenological, and cultural vantage points? How as artists can we become the master of our passionately-loved and yet ever-shifting chroma?

In this class, we look carefully at and discuss the work of many artists and the implications of color in their images. Readings from Goethe, Wittgenstein, Baudelaire, Albers, Batchelor, and others serve as a base for discussion and artistic response.

Visual work using a variety of materials including cut paper, water-based paint, and mixed-media will be the primary focus of the class. In addition, reading assignments as well as written responses will be assigned weekly. Class time is primarily used for discussion and critique, presentations, and demonstration of materials. Although assignments are given, it is the objective of this class to provide the skills necessary for the student to confidently pursue self-designed projects. A high degree of motivation is expected. Please note that this course may require additional materials to be purchased by the student.

Prerequisites: At least two courses in visual art, and permission of instructor prior to registration.
Credits: 4
W 2:10pm - 6:00pm
Maximum Enrollment: 16
Course Frequency:
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