The Psychology of Class (PSY4224.01)

Ella Ben Hagai

In recent years there has been renewed interest among psychologists regarding how individuals’ socio-economic position shape their psychology. In this class we will explore how class background shapes people’s emotions, tastes (for food, music or art), and political ideologies. We will study these questions using both classical sociological theories (Marx, Weber, and Bourdieu) as well as more recent research in psychology. Particular attention will be given to differences in social, cultural and economic capital. We will also pay special attention to the intersections between class, race, sexuality and nationality. Students in this class will turn their insights into how class shapes psychology into research questions, and will investigate their questions using interview and survey methods.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor.
Credits: 4
W 8:20am - 12:00pm
Maximum Enrollment: 18
Course Frequency:
This course is categorized as 4000, All courses, Ella Ben Hagai, Four Credit, Psychology, Wednesday Mornings.