Camera and the Body: Peculiar Ways of Knowing (DAN4142.01)

Elena Demyanenko & Erika Mijlin

This hands-on course will utilize moving camera exercises, selected film screenings and improvisational games to give students an opportunity to expand and refine their own visual sensibilities, with the goal of creating collaborative dance-film projects. We will explore and analyze the creative choices available and practical tools needed when we instigate an interactive relationship between camera and movement, filmmaker and performer. Together we will attempt to develop a common language that encompasses new systems of communicating, problem-solving, and making. Coursework will take place alongside the development of a new multi-media project Echo/Archive, a collaboration between the instructors that has been commissioned by EMPAC. This course will integrate class projects with exposure to the real possibilities and challenges of a video-performance staging by participating in their residency at EMPAC via field trips. Throughout the term, student work will be designed collaboratively, screened and critiqued. All students will be involved in working with video equipment and moving as performers. Video students should have taken Intro to Video or should be taking it concurrently. Each dance student will be working closely in collaboration with a video partner. Registration: Interested students should contact Elena Demyanenko and Erika Mijlin by Thursday, May 11.

Prerequisites: Permission of the instructors. Please express your interest by Thursday, May 11.
Credits: 4
W 2:10pm - 6:00pm
Maximum Enrollment: 16
Course Frequency:
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