Cut/Copy: Masking and Compositing Digital Images (PHO4125.01)

Elizabeth White

Designed for students who have completed Foundations of Photography, this 2-credit course teaches advanced, non-destructive Photoshop techniques for adding and removing content, and invites the remaking of existing images. Working with a range of tools for selections and masking, multiple adjustment layers, and blending modes, students will learn to make bold modifications, clean-edged collages, and seamless composites in Photoshop, and to produce high-quality inkjet prints. Readings, discussions, and presentations of historical and contemporary art will examine themes of redaction, negation, and erasure, as well as collecting, copying, and the complex relationship between photography and truth. Class time will include technical demonstrations and supervised practice in the digital photo lab, as well as group critiques and discussions. Students will be responsible for completing creative and technical assignments, readings, and a self-directed final project. Please note that a Mac-compatible external hard drive and inkjet photo paper are required for this course. Registration: Students should email to describe your interest in the course and past photo classes you have taken, as well as your level of experience with Photoshop.

Prerequisites: Foundations of Photography and permission of the instructor.
Credits: 2
W 2:10pm - 4:00pm
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency:
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