Style in Motion (DRA4310.01)

Charles Schoonmaker

We will be designing costumes that are unrealized ‘paper’ projects as well as realized costumes for new works. Class members may work with student choreographers, utilizing this class as a resource in the creative process. We will also work, as a group, on designing and realizing costumes for specific pieces to be presented at the end of the term. Registration for this course will begin on May 17 from 4:00pm – 5:00pm in VAPA E311.

Prerequisites: A previous design class or advanced movement classes or permission of instructor.
Credits: 4
M 2:10pm - 4:00pm; Th 2:10pm - 4:00pm
Maximum Enrollment: 10
Course Frequency:
This course is categorized as Dance, Drama, Four Credit, 4000, Charles Schoonmaker, Monday and/or Thursday Afternoons, All courses.