Meet Your Enemy: The Psychology of Generational Cohorts (PSY2237.01)

David Anderegg

In American popular culture, generalizations are rampant about how people in different generations think, behave, or consume. In this course we will look at some of that literature, but also look at generational cohorts in psychology research: what are the promises and pitfalls of research which claims that historical lived experience makes a significant and robust difference to behavior or thought? We will review research issues and claims, and in so doing learn about some basic issues in empirical psychology research. Each student will design and carry out a research project using subjects of different generations as a subject pool.

Prerequisites: None.
Credits: 4
M 8:00am - 9:50am; Th 8:00am - 9:50am (time changed 5/4/18)
Maximum Enrollment: 20
Course Frequency:
This course is categorized as 2000, All courses, David Anderegg, Four Credit, Monday and/or Thursday Mornings, Psychology, Updates.