The Psychology of Feelings and the Social Construction of Emotions (PSY4105.01)

Ella Ben Hagai

This advanced course provides a general introduction to the basic science of feelings and emotions, including evolutionary, neurophysiological, and cognitive approaches. In addition to examining the psychological processes with which emotions are privately felt, we will examine the social construction of emotions. We will explore how culture, gender and class backgrounds shape emotional expression. We will examine how political leaders use emotions to mobilize populations, and the role emotions play in violent conflict and its resolution. The last part of the course will be a meditation on the connection between scientific approaches to emotions and the construction of emotional tone in performance and visual art.

Prerequisites: One course in social psychology (e.g. Self, Identity, Ideology, Cross-cultural Psychology). Students should send a brief paragraph via e-mail describing (a) the student's current term; (b) previous courses taken in psychology; (c) how this course fits into their Plan. Please e-mail You will hear back on May 16 whether or not you are in the course. Priority will be given to students who must take the course now in order to fulfill their Plans; others will be admitted as space allows.
Credits: 4
T 4:10pm - 6:00pm; T 6:40pm - 8:20pm (time changed on 5/1/18)
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Course Frequency:
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