Student to Student: A College Access Mentoring Program at Mount Anthony Union High School (APA4132.01)

Debbie Warnock

In this course, college student mentors will work with high school student mentees to develop college aspirations and contribute to mentees’ knowledge about the college application process. Each week college students will travel to Mount Anthony Union High School to meet with their college student mentees for an hour. We will then return to Bennington College campus for the remaining class time during which we will discuss literature about mentoring and college access, as well as the plan for meeting with the high school students next week. Mentors will share their college access stories with their mentees and invite their mentees to discuss their own educational aspirations in shared storytelling sessions. Possible topics we will cover with the high school student mentees include the college application process, including searching for colleges and writing a personal statement, as well as the process of applying for financial aid. In this course, Bennington College students will have the opportunity to put a personal face on the often mystifying college application process and will develop mentoring and leadership skills as they do so.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor. For registration contact Debbie Warnock at
Credits: 2
M 8:10-11:50 (first seven weeks)
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency: Once a year
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