Print and Process (PHO4246.01)

May Hemler

The focus of this course is preparing digital files for large inkjet printing. Starting with capture, students will learn how to make images with the intention of printing them larger than 20 inches. Students may work with analog negatives or digital RAW files and will learn how to properly scan and import. Students will learn how to appropriately organize and catalog their files with Adobe Bridge, as well as Photoshop techniques for dust spotting, color correction, and sharpening. Students will then learn the steps needed to make test prints on a smaller scale and finally how to print on the Epson 9890 44inch printer. Careful attention will be paid to paper choice and students will be expected to purchase their own paper for their final projects. We will cover options for handling, storing, and displaying large prints. Throughout this course students will be working to refine their eye for color, to make carefully considered editing and printing choices, and to hold themselves and their work to a higher standard.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor
Credits: 2
F 10:30-12:20
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency:
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