Tablescape: Production Lab (CER4109.01)

Yoko Inoue

This class is structured for students who have knowledge, experience and skills in Architecture, Sculpture, and 3D design technology and wish to explore production of ceramics functional ware by developing mold making skills and applying slip casting methods to their projects. Students who are enrolled in the advanced level of slip casting class, Tablescape: Slip Casting Project for Communal Kitchen, can expand their scope of research and development and commit to rigorous mass production. Ceramics students can also explore collaborative, cross-disciplinary approaches with students or professionals who do not have technical proficiency in plaster mold making, ceramic casting material preparation, glaze application and firing. We will imagine a specific social and cultural context of communal eating to conceive design, produce and put them in use. First class project will start with a design and production of ceramic ware for a new common’s café. Some adequate molds that are produced in this class will become a property of Ceramics area for collective use to support Social Kitchen and other Bennington College community engagement projects in the future. Work in dialogue with students from the Advance Architecture project: Place: Setting – the Dining Room will be facilitated.

Prerequisites: two VA classes and permission of the instructor.
Credits: 2
W 4:10-6:00
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency:
This course is categorized as All courses, Ceramics.