Fundamentals of Creative Writing (LIT2394.01)

Jenny Boully

In this class, we will begin by investigating sound, music, image, and form in poetry and how these poetic elements are presented in fiction. From fiction, we will study narrative, character, plot, and setting. Finally, we will progress towards personal nonfiction, fusing the elements of our poetry and fiction investigations. Students will read a variety of texts, both classical and contemporary, while crafting their own creative work.

Note: Students may not take this class if they have already taken Fundamentals of Creative Writing or Animal Tales: Fundamentals of Creative Writing.

Learning Outcomes:

Delivery Method: Hybrid in-person and remote, with faculty in-person
Corequisites: Students are required to be in attendance at all Literature evenings and Poetry at Bennington events (most Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm).
Course Level: 2000-level
Credits: 4
T/F 8:30AM-12:10PM (1st seven weeks)
Maximum Enrollment: 20
Course Frequency: Once a year

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