A Community Health Approach to Social Emergencies, American Racism, and Firearm Injury Prevention (APA2325.01) (cancelled)

Dr. Christopher Barsotti

Poor health outcomes in modern, advanced societies are influenced largely by a series of critical social factors known collectively as social determinants of health: economic inequity, racism, community violence and food insecurity, among others. Social determinants of health contribute directly to medical and social emergencies, and as the nexus of the US healthcare safety net, emergency departments and other first responders occupy a strategic position to identify, treat and mitigate those social determinants that have an adverse effect on individual and population health.

Social determinants of health, including racism in particular, play a significant role in community violence, which commonly involves firearms in American society.  By understanding firearm-related victimization, injury and death as a preventable disease and applying public health prevention techniques to this epidemic, healthcare professionals and their communities may develop systems of care to optimize gun safety, reduce risk and minimize public harm at every opportunity.

This course introduces students to the most prevalent health issues related to the causes of gun violence, and explores the multi-level health strategies that may be developed to prevent and treat gun violence in American society. Students will also gain experience in program design by creating, operationalizing and evaluating the impact of a novel, narrative-based educational framework for community outreach that unifies community stakeholders with their health systems, healthcare providers and first responders. Readings will involve both real-world programmatic documents/evaluations as well as peer-reviewed journal articles.

Course dates: Sept 21-Nov 2



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