Emerging Research in Integrative Physiology (BIO4128.01)

Blake Jones

This course will focus on reading, synthesizing, and critiquing primary scientific literature at the frontiers of modern organismal research. We will focus on current, cutting edge research that integrates across disciplines to 1) explore fundamental questions about physiological systems, and 2) understand how such systems can help elucidate the ultimate and proximate mechanisms of biological phenomena. Important subfields covered may include, but are not limited to, neuroscience, behavioral endocrinology, ecophysiology, immunology, molecular physiology, evolutionary neuroendocrinology, developmental physiology, and biomechanics.

Learning Outcomes:
1) Develop a robust understanding of the integrative nature of biological research
2) Learn major foundational concepts of various physiological and organismal disciplines.
3) Learn to synthesize and critique primary scientific literature.
4) Develop written and oral communication skills.

Delivery Method: Remotely accessible
Prerequisites: Prerequisites include at least one of the following: Introduction to Cell Biology (BIO4114), Experimental Biology: Behavioral Physiology (BIO4312), Neuroscience (BIO4437)
Course Level: 4000-level
Credits: 2
Tu 4:10PM - 6:00PM (Full-term)
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency: Every 2-3 years

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