Paint to Motions (MA2108.01)

Yifan Jiang

Paint to motions an introductory course that explores animation with as little digital, technical involvement as possible. It is catered to those who are curious about the medium but put off by the technicalities. Working with the most immediate methods of giving movement to still images. We will focus mostly on traditional animation, namely hand-drawn animation, stop motion animation, paint on glass, and cut-out animation. In terms of applications, we will be working with basic photoshop, Dragonframes, and Adobe Premiere. Without dwelling too much on the technical, this course is aimed to explore the possibilities brought by adding the dimension of time: movement, sound, storytelling, and the poetics of simply placing one image after another.

Animation is an exceptionally permissive medium, it allows you to walk in with all of your prior skills and interests in hand. Whether it drawing, painting, music, poetry, fiction, or yoyo! There is a way to utilize them in your animation. For the duration of the semester, students are asked to keep a sketchbook. This is the site where research gets recorded and ideas get developed. It also acts as an anchor for discussion and the production process. This class will also provide an art historical/ conceptual account of the medium. However, the aim is to go beyond the canon of western art and expose students to every facet of culture far beyond the museum context. One of the most important responsibilities that the students will take on is to expand our collective references by bringing in and presenting works that inspire and interest them.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Students will become familiar with a number of methods for traditional animation production.
2. Students will become familiar with contemporary artists that work within these contexts.
3. Students will also be introduced to a variety of other analog animations outside of the
western art canon.
4. Students will have produced and completed a piece of animation by the end of this course.
5. They will have gained the ability to manage, navigate and problem-solve their way
through a complex- multistep creative process.
6. Students will have thought about their practice critically and in relationship to a larger
social-cultural context.

Delivery Method: Fully in-person
Course Level: 2000-level
Credits: 4
F 8:30AM - 12:10PM (Full-term)
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency: One time only

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