Piano Lab I (MIN2232.01, section 1) (new faculty as of 8/29/2022)

Chris Rose

The goals of this course are to gain ease and dexterity at the keyboard, developing a conīŦdent piano technique and the skill of reading musical notation. Students will learn a basic repertoire of scales and chords. They will use the chords in improvisation and harmonization of melodies. In addition they will explore a repertoire that utilizes the musical components covered in each unit of the assigned text, and learn to perform selected compositions.

Learning Outcomes:
Gain ease and dexterity at the keyboard.
Learn how to read notation.
Learn basic scales and chords.
Learn how to harmonize a melody.
Explore improvisation in different styles.
Learn how to prepare and perform a piece from notation.

Delivery Method: Fully in-person
Course Level: 2000-level
Credits: 2
Tu 10:30AM - 12:20PM (Full-term)
Maximum Enrollment: 6
Course Frequency: Every Term

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