Drawing Intensive: Conditions for Visual Inquiry (DRW4238.01)

Ann Pibal

What strategies do artists use to efficiently develop an initial idea? How does one sustain a meaningful, vital, creative inquiry? How can a direct connection be made between daily life and making images, and between the personal, and public or political worlds?

This intermediate level course will address these questions through an intensive immersion in drawing and investigation into the design of strategies for generating drawing. Students will be asked to engage with a series of structures, arrangements, and approaches to visual thinking. These frameworks, or conditions, will be both found in the world, and also designed by students themselves, both through individual activity and through collaboration. Examinations of the ideas, artworks, and approaches used by artists from history and contemporary art will provide a platform on which investigations will be based.

A high level of commitment is expected; students will engage with assignments which will require them to draw daily, to focus fully on the development of an ambitious drawing practice, and to dedicate themselves to strengthening their skills and awareness of their own priorities as artists. Students should expect regular reading, writing, and assigned research.

Although students will be asked to respond to questions presented in class, and specific assignments will be given throughout this course, it is the objective of this class to provide the skills necessary for the student to confidently pursue self-designed projects.

Learning Outcomes:
- Experience of ambitious, fully dedicated engagement with studio practice.

- Increased sophistication with ability to contextualize individual studio work verbally and in writing.

- Increased ability to participate constructively in collective energy and shared responsibility for a supportive group learning environment.

- Focused practice with inclusive classroom conversation particularly as it pertains to the discussion of the artwork of classmates as well as to the analysis of contemporary art.

- Increased ability to become constructively self-critical and to incorporate feedback of others into analysis of one’s own studio work

Delivery Method: Fully in-person
Prerequisites: A minimum of one 2000 level painting course, and/or one 2000 drawing course, and permission through application process. Contact: apibal@bennington.edu. To register: Please email apibal@bennington.edu starting Monday May 6, with DRAWING INTENSIVE in the subject line. Submit a brief paragraph outlining your interest in the course, how it fits into your Plan of study, your current term, as well as other courses you intend to register for in VA next term. Students may also provide this information by meeting with the instructor PRIOR to the beginning of registration on MAY 16. Students will be notified by email of their enrollment status. Email inquiries sent will not be considered if they do not contain all required information.
Corequisites: VALS (if possible)
Course Level: 4000-level
Credits: 4
M 1:40PM - 5:20PM (Full-term)
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Course Frequency: Every 2-3 years

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