Intro to Modular Synths (MCO2247.01)

Sergei Tcherepnin

This class will focus on historical methods of electronic music composition through a contemporary lens. We will study synthesis in depth, and the development of early analog synthesizers, while learning how these techniques have influenced contemporary software design. While the class will focus on composing, students will be expected to learn how to use VCV Rack, and Madrona Labs software. We will have weekly critiques of works-in-progress, and the class will culminate in the creation of a collaborative mix-tape of student compositions. Students who enroll in this class are expected to have some basic knowledge of a DAW such as Garage Band, Pro Tools or Ableton Live.

Learning Outcomes:

Delivery Method: Fully in-person
Course Level: 2000-level
Credits: 2
Tu 10:30AM - 12:20PM (Full-term)
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency: One time only

Categories: 2000 , All courses , Composition , Fully In-Person , Sound Design and Recording , Two Credit