Advanced Workshop in Philosophy (PHI4403.01)

Catherine McKeen

This course is for students who are pursuing advanced work in philosophy, and is designed to be taken in conjunction with the SCT Senior Seminar. We will read and respond to a range of philosophical work. The course will emphasize habitual writing and fostering a sturdy philosophical reading and writing practice, along with regular sharing of one’s work, with feedback. Throughout the course, students will be expected to: (1) produce and share self-directed, independent written work at various stages of development, and (2) offer thoughtful, rigorous, and useful commentary on others’ work. Through this process, students will develop and refine their skills in philosophical research, analytical writing, evaluating philosophical arguments, responsive critique, and will progress in articulating and sharpening their own research questions. We will meet weekly at a mutually agreed-upon time. Topics will be determined by participants’ Plans and interests relevant to advanced work in SCT/philosophy.

Learning Outcomes:
• Deepen one’s engagement with philosophy through regular writing and sharing work
• Refine skills in philosophical research and analysis
• Developing ability to provide and respond to constructive feedback
• Articulating one’s own research questions and plotting a path for future research

Delivery Method: Fully in-person
Prerequisites: Permission of instructor ( Preference will be given to rising juniors or seniors who have completed at least 8 credits at the 4000 level in philosophy.
Corequisites: Students must enroll in SCT 4750: Senior Seminar in Society, Culture, and Thought concurrently.
Course Level: 4000-level
Credits: 2
W 2:10PM - 5:50PM (1st seven weeks)
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency: Once a year

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