America in Italy (ITA4602.01)

Barbara Alfano

Whether as a myth, or as a geopolitical space, the United States of America hold a unique place in the history and in the collective imagery of Italians. How does Italian culture confront its own cultural construct of the U.S.A. and what is it that makes Italians rediscover and reinvent America still today? What is the myth made of? This course focuses on ideas of America through Italian literature and film, exploring also TV productions and journalistic reportage, in particular for the section devoted to the post-9/11 years. Students will expand their knowledge of Italian culture, history, and literature while improving their critical analysis, writing, and research skills. Conducted in Italian. Intermediate-high and advanced levels combined.

Prerequisites: Five terms of Italian or permission of the instructor.
Credits: 4
M 10:10am-12noon;Th 10:10am-12noon
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Course Frequency:
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