Contained – Lidded Jars (CER4126.01)

Aysha Peltz

In this ceramics class we will explore utilitarian and metaphorical concepts of containment through the making of lidded jars. These forms offer students the opportunity to solve the engineering problem of having two forms come together to make one while also presenting the wonderful challenge of making an interactive art object that requires the hand to engage with the piece to enter the inside. There will be a focus the history of lidded jars for use and ritual.

Students will be expected to learn the ideas, skills and formal vocabulary associated with lidded jars and to engage their “engineering mind” in translating their ideas into successful jars.  Discussions and readings will address formal and conceptual issues in the work including scale, audience and use. Students will be expected to engage more fully in the whole ceramic process by choosing their building methods and firing their own work, in groups, under faculty supervision.

Prerequisites: One college level ceramics class.
Credits: 4
Th 8:20am-12noon
Maximum Enrollment: 14
Course Frequency:
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