Dance Performance Project: “Here, There, and Where” (DAN4213.01)

Kota Yamazaki

This performance project examines contradicting or opposing movement qualities, such as stillness/activity and fluidity/awkwardness, in both pedestrian and technical movements. Using delicate images to heighten perception, we will explore the sense of time and space as experienced internally (i.e. with memories) as well as the sense of time and space experienced externally.

Materials will be developed and composed by both the instructor and the participants in the rehearsals scheduled twice a week in the first seven weeks, and then these materials will be refined for a public performance during the second half of the term.

This course will be held the first seven weeks of term with a public performance during the second half.

Prerequisites: Audition times to be scheduled.
Credits: 2
W 10:10am - 12:00pm; Additional sessions to be scheduled.
Maximum Enrollment: 7
Course Frequency:
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