24 Filial Piety vs. The Daoist Tales of Zhuang Zi (CHI4213.01)

Ginger Lin

The Twenty-four Stories of Filial Piety are well known Chinese stories that exemplify the devotion of children to their parents that is the chief virtue in Confucianism. The Daoist Tales of Zhuangzi on the other hand offer a much different set of values. These tales “translated” from classical Chinese into modern Mandarin at the student’s language level will serve as a starting point for an exploration into two complimentary and competing schools of thought that have shaped the character and culture of the Chinese. Students will learn basic vocabulary and grammar through a four skills approach while comparing and contrasting the basic concepts of these two important Chinese philosophies.

Prerequisites: At least 3 terms at college level.
Credits: 4
M 10:10am - 12noon; Th 10:10am - 12noon
Maximum Enrollment: 18
Course Frequency:
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