Advanced Painting & Drawing: The Contemporary Idiom (PAI4209.01)

Joshua Blackwell

Ongoing studio projects will be discussed and evaluated with an emphasis on their relationship to contemporary issues in art, criticism, and theory. Questions to be addressed include: Where does art belong in contemporary culture? What is the role of art today? How do we reconcile arts dialogue with politics, social networks, or pop culture with art history? Critiques will focus on articulating the particular concerns of the work as well as constructing a meaningful dialogue between students. This course is for experienced student artists with a firm commitment to serious work in the studio. Development of a strong work ethic will be crucial. Extensive reading assignments will supplement class discussions.

Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor.
Credits: 4
W 8:20am - 12noon
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency:
This course is categorized as All courses, Four Credit, 4000, Painting, Joshua Blackwell.