World Vocal Ensemble (MPF4126.01)

Kerry Ryer-Parke

***Time Change***

This class is for confident, adventurous singers wishing to study and perform full-throated music from regions where singing is part of the rhythm of everyday life. Meeting concurrently with the World Percussion Ensemble, we will collaborate on music from Eastern Europe, Africa, Southeast and Central Asia. We will learn about the distinctive sounds and folkloric context of Corsican and Georgian polyphony, overtone singing of Tuva and Sardinia, as well as the role of rhythm in chanteys and work songs. Songs will be taught by both ear and notation. Ensemble members are encouraged to arrange traditional music for the combined forces or smaller groups, and will prepare a joint performance from memory with the World Percussion Ensemble. Some music literacy is required.

Corequisites: Must participate in Music Workshop (Tuesday 6:30-8PM).

Prerequisites: Audition or permission of the instructor. Contact the instructor or Amanda Pappas ( for audition details.
Credits: 2
T 2:10pm - 4:00pm
Maximum Enrollment: 20
Course Frequency:
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