How to register

Course registration typically starts in early May for fall term, and early November for spring term. We’ll provide a personalized registration form in your campus mailbox, and you’ll have about two weeks to discuss course selections with your faculty advisor and complete your registration form. Keep in mind that 2000-level courses are open to everyone, while 4000-level courses have prerequisites and require the signature of the instructor teaching the course.

After you submit your registration form, we will enter your desired courses, conduct a random lottery for any over-enrolled 2000-level courses, and make a preliminary schedule available to you within Populi. You will then have two opportunities to fine-tune your schedule: The first is the Greenwall add/drop event, where all faculty will gather to sign off on schedule changes; the second is during the add/drop period at the beginning of the following term. You may register for no more than 18 credits during registration, though you may add credits in excess of 18 during the add/drop period at the beginning of the term. Note that all schedule changes require sign-off from your advisor, and from the instructor teaching the course(s) you are adding and/or dropping.

Please visit the academic calendar for more detailed dates related to registration and add/drop.