Introduction to Game Programming (CS2123.01)

Justin Vasselli

Game Programming is back for a second term! If you’ve always been curious about programming, or you’ve been distracted by that idea for a game bouncing around in your head, this class is for you!

This course, suitable for beginning programmers, will introduce game design and Unity3D, a free game development platform that is widely used in the industry today. It also will serve as an introduction to object-oriented programming with C#. We will talk about input, camera controls, game physics, sound effects and artificial intelligence. Students will think critically about games they’ve played in order to design their own game and implement a prototype by the end of the course. Assignments will include writing reviews of their favorite games, writing a game design proposal, and implementing a prototype of their original game design.

Prerequisites: None.
Credits: 4
M 10:10am - 12:00pm; Th 10:10am - 12:00pm
Maximum Enrollment: 16
Course Frequency:
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