Leadership impact accelerator (MOD4205.02)

Alison Dennis

The problems we face today are too great for any one person to solve alone. But what does it practically take to lead meaningful change and advance public action? What leadership capacities are needed now to move ourselves and others forward strategically and adaptively in a changing world? This three-session leadership retreat will support student leaders and change agents who are engaged in forwarding real projects on campus, in local communities and in the greater world. It will serve as an opportunity for those currently grappling with leading groups and movements, and launching start-ups and projects with a structured opportunity to accelerate their work and maximize their impact, and to support others as part of a leadership network. We will focus our time in equal parts on personal leadership capacity development and on strategic planning and implementation; students will leave the experience having created both a personal development plan and a strategic plan. Offered during the second three-weeks of the spring term, this will be an ideal opportunity for students to return to campus, get clear about what they want to accomplish, and then develop plans in service accelerating their work for the rest of the term and beyond. The workshop format of this course will require the highest degree of personal accountability and participation. Optional weekend events (Sat-Sun, March 26-27) on the Millennial dilemma, living into your passions, doing meaningful work with tangible results, and creating a work-life integration roadmap for life after Bennington will dovetail with the themes of this module.

Prerequisites: By permission of the instructor. Students wishing to register should send a brief email to Alison Dennis (adennis@bennington.edu) describing the project(s) they will focus on in the module.
Credits: 1
W 6:30pm - 10:30pm (March 23, March 30, and April 6)
Maximum Enrollment: 16
Course Frequency:
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