Bennington Plays: Process to Performance (DRA4265.01)

Jean Randich

This course is a master class for young directors and playwrights to learn the process and techniques of analyzing, exploring, and staging (original) works of theater. Different “teams” of writer/director or director/dramaturge work on a piece of their choosing, with the running time falling somewhere between 20 – 50 minutes. In a laboratory atmosphere we will investigate how to:

-analyze the action of the play (or devised piece)
-identify ideas, themes, patterns of imagery, structure
-ask questions to stimulate understanding of the play
-explore how minimal design can support the world of the play
-give actors direction they can fulfill
-use guided improvisations to unleash spontaneous physical choices
-communicate directly with all collaborators
-divide up the rehearsal and make efficient use of time

We will meet as a group at least once a week, with the other nights designated for individual rehearsals. The class will visit other rehearsals regularly throughout the term. The rehearsals culminate in public performances of multiple works staged in workshop productions supported by minimal design.

Prerequisites: Directing II or Advanced Playwriting and permission of the Drama Faculty granted through the 2016 play proposal process.
Credits: 4
Monday though Friday 7:00pm - 10:00pm; with some weekend rehearsals
Maximum Enrollment: 10
Course Frequency:
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