The Bible and Conflict Resolution (MOD2137.02)

Michael Cohen

The Bible provides many examples and lessons about conflict resolution. This three-week module will focus on some of the most important texts in the Bible when it comes to conflict resolution. Those selected texts will be examined using two thousand years of commentary and analysis. Modern conflict resolution theories, which provide contemporary approaches, will be integrated into the exploration of the text to help the student understand the meaning through the prism of conflict resolution and provide the student with conflict resolution skills. You will need to bring a copy of the Bible to class – any translation will be fine. There should be some on reserve in the library.

Prerequisites: None.
Credits: 1
T 2:10pm - 4:00pm; F 2:10pm - 4:00pm (March 21, 24, 28, 31 and April 4, 7.)
Maximum Enrollment: 18
Course Frequency:
This course is categorized as All courses, Modules: Transferable Approaches, One Credit, Three Week, 2000, Advancement of Public Action, Michael Cohen.