Adventures in Max (MCO2122.01)

Nicholas Brooke

This course will look at the peculiarly versatile program of Max/MSP/Jitter, a high-level programming platform for sound and visuals. Our focus will be on the sonic capabilities of the program, though we will dip occasional into visuals, video, and sensing technologies. Students will develop independent research, and projects based on their interests and abilities, and must have an independent streak for troubleshooting and communal problem solving. Smaller exercises will show how to reproduce analogue problems in the digital realm, and bring us towards a sonic understanding of both. At the end of the course, visiting specialists will show how to bring Max into diverse interactions with other disciplines and new sensing technologies, from motion sensors, image tracking, and integration with Arduino. Students are encouraged to take this together with the modules The Tudor Box and The Chip Instrument for a 4-credit suite.

Prerequisites: None.
Credits: 2
M 4:10pm - 6:00pm
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency:
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