Drawing Everywhere (DRW4239.01)

Mary Lum

Interior and exterior, observed and imagined, expansive and intimate, this course revolves around drawings of all sorts of spaces. In class we examine historical, narrative, architectural, and natural spaces through work that pushes the definition of drawing in many different directions, including drawing installation. Students complete work weekly building a body of drawings that begins with assigned problems and allows for a breadth of interpretation and media. Research about the representation of space/place in history and in contemporary visual culture is undertaken and presented by all. The goal of this course is for students to discover and pursue individual, idiosyncratic visual languages for representing the world in which we live by making drawings of, about, and in space. This is an intermediate/advanced level drawing course, and a high degree of motivation and production is expected.

Prerequisites: Two previous visual arts courses including one in drawing.
Credits: 4
T 8:20am - 12:00pm
Maximum Enrollment: 16
Course Frequency:
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