Curatorial Choices: Multiple Narratives in the Bennington Collections (VA2227.01)

Anne Thompson

How does augmenting and rearranging an exhibition change the meaning it communicates? This course explores this question via the raw material of an art show in Usdan Gallery. Term starts with the opening of “Unpacking the Vault,” curated by fall term students who researched objects from the college collection and constructed narrative strains about Bennington’s history. Spring term, a new group of students continues and modifies the work of their peers; they research additional objects for integration into the “Vault” show and identify extending and parallel narratives. Research will involve historical sources including documents in the Crossett Library archives. By the end of term, the class presents a “new” gallery exhibition, rooted in the original “Vault” show, that demonstrates the potential and power of curatorial choice. Note: Students who took Unpacking the Vault (Fall 2017, VA4137.02) are not eligible for this course.

Prerequisites: None.
Credits: 2
M 10:00am - 11:50am; Th 10:00am - 11:50am (first seven weeks)
Maximum Enrollment: 16
Course Frequency:
This course is categorized as First Seven Week, Two Credit, 2000, Visual Arts (VA), Monday and/or Thursday Mornings, Anne Thompson, All courses.