Sampling (MHI2102.01)

Nick Brooke

This class will look at the aesthetic and social aspects of sonic reappropriation throughout the last century, and how literal musical reproduction can question the idea of musical subjectivity, originality, and cultural identity. Topics will include the machine-age music of the 1920s, soundscape composition, the sampling/fair use movement of the 1980/1990s, turntablism, performative aspects of karaoke and lipsynching, and sample-based pop and hip-hop. Students will be expected to engage actively in discussion, focused around particular readings and problems in the history of sampling. There will also be a chance for students to create composed/installed/visual responses to the material in class.

Prerequisites: None
Credits: 2
T 4:10pm - 6:00pm
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Course Frequency:
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