Linguistics of Music (MTH4258.01)

Kitty Brazelton

Students collaborate with instructor to generate a set of grammatical “rules” for various musical genres. We review existing theories and grammars of Western classical and other musics, compare parallels between 20th-c. theories of Heinrich Schenker and Noam Chomsky, and gather musical data from scores, recordings and our own transcription. The course will culminate in scholarly papers on research findings.

Prerequisites: Music literacy, a working knowledge of harmony and prior courses in music theory. Permission of the instructor.
Credits: 4
W 10:00am - 11:50am; W 2:10pm - 4:00pm
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency:
This course is categorized as Four Credit, Theory, 4000, Kitty Brazelton, Wednesday Mornings, Wednesday Afternoons, All courses.