Narrative, Trauma, and Bearing Witness (PSY4134.01)

Ella Ben Hagai

In this advanced psychology seminar, we will dive into foundational work in Narrative Psychology. We will study the relationship between the narrative structure and human cognitive processes including memory, perception, and conceptualization. We will learn how cultural differences shape children’s varied storytelling practices. Through the lens of social psychology research, we will examine the relationship between narratives and ideology, as well as the role that collective narratives play in legitimizing inequalities, violence, and genocide. Towards the end of the semester, we will examine the relationship between trauma, narrative, and reconciliation, both on the personal and on the community level.

Prerequisites: An introductory psychology course.
Credits: 4
W 4:10pm-6:00pm; W 6:30pm-8:20pm
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Course Frequency:
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