Art of Resistance: The Bennington College Poster Project (part 2) (VA2119.01)

Ann Pibal

This course will provide a collaborative site for the production of distributable protest and resistance imagery, as well as a shared investigation into the rich international history of political posters and related ephemera. Students will be provided structure both in which to work together on research, and on the design, production, and distribution of imagery. Discussion of design strategies, design effectiveness, and the power of color – both as a phenomenological and conceptual element, will be continual components of our activity. This course will not emphasize instruction in any particular visual media, engage any perceived hierarchy between particular visual media, or require any preexisting skills. Instead, students will work across the widest possible range of materials and outputs within their own existing and evolving skillsets. These could include but are not limited to, word processing, graphic design, photocopy, laser print, photography, screen-print, gif, moving image, buttons, other wearables, and use of materials from artists’ paint to Sharpies. The fall installment of this course will provide a foundation, and build momentum as we discover what is possible, and how to work together. The spring installment will build on what the group has achieved while also welcoming new members. We will work toward the public distribution of our work from the beginning, and during the second installment of this course, we will increasingly prioritize the design and implementation of distribution methods for our work. Expectations: 1.) A commitment to collaboration, 2.) an openness to the perspectives and ideas of others, 3.) a very high degree of motivation both to engage with and create meaningful and effective political ephemera. Please note: No experience making art is necessary; students from across the College are welcome to enroll. Students may choose to enroll in part (1), part (2), or both.

Prerequisites: None.
Credits: 2
Sun 6:30pm - 10:20pm (first seven weeks)
Maximum Enrollment: 16
Course Frequency:
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