Future Studio (VA4207.01)

Robert Ransick & Charles Crowell

Future Studio is a creative incubator designed for the development and articulation of new enterprises that value workers, local communities, sustainability, and the environment equally with profit. The course is designed to lay the foundation for building new enterprise of all types through the unique integration of creativity, arts & culture, and sophisticated business competencies. Modeled after the Bennington Plan, which is inherently entrepreneurial, Future Studio engages business as an artistic space that marries inquiry-based idea development, artistic social practice, iterative design, and new business models to generate constructive social outcomes. We will examine the history of artists and innovative entrepreneurs who have developed organizations and enterprises that break from extractive business models and, instead, integrate creativity and sustainable economic development. The course applies a segmented learning model which utilizes a recursive process of collaboration and active learning, while building capacities in areas such as finance, legal structure, and enterprise modeling. Future Studio emphasizes creativity, innovation, place-centered economies, worker-centered ownership, environmental sustainability, social justice and financial viability. The goal is to develop ideas that may lead to the creation of new ventures which can be launched as viable enterprises with powerful economic potential and socially responsible missions. Students who are interested in rethinking what it means to be in business today, possess an interest in the promise of creative enterprise and have skills and knowledge from diverse discipline areas are strongly encouraged to enroll. You do not need to be a visual arts student to meaningfully participate in this course.

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Credits: 4
W 8:00am - 11:40am
Maximum Enrollment: 12
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