Life and Death: Buddhism in Modern Japanese Films (JPN4401.01)

Ikuko Yoshida

In this course, students will examine how Buddhism influenced Japanese thought on the after-life and analyze how Japanese views on the relationship between life and death are depicted in recent Japanese films. In the first seven weeks of the course, students will examine and discuss the history, beliefs, and deities of Buddhism and their influences on society. In the second half of the term, students will analyze how death and a common theme, reincarnation, are depicted in different genres of Japanese films such as love stories and fantasy. Throughout the course, students will develop both their linguistic skills and cognitive skills by discussing their understanding of Buddhist beliefs and analyzing Japanese perspectives on death and reincarnation. Individual projects are required. Conducted in Japanese. Low-Intermediate Level. Corequisites: Language Series

Prerequisites: three terms of Japanese or permission of the instructor. For registration, contact the teacher via email.
Credits: 4
M 12:20pm - 2pm; W 12:20pm - 2pm; F 12:20pm - 2pm
Maximum Enrollment: 18
Course Frequency:
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