Race and Gender in Franco-Maghrebi Literature and Film (FRE4806.01)

Blase Provitola

In the context of recent debates on multiculturalism and French national identity, this advanced course provides an introduction to some of the major issues impacting the French-speaking countries of North Africa and their diasporas in France. Through novels and auto-fiction, films, and other visual materials such as bandes dessinées, this course will encourage students to reflect on how colonization, immigration, and national identity have impacted France’s diverse populations from the 1960s to the present. The course will place particular emphasis on issues of race, culture, and gender as it explores four major and overlapping themes: colonization and memory, emigration and immigration, integration and identity, and the next generation of multicultural France. Authors and film-makers will include Azouz Begag, Leïla Sebbar, Hélène Cixous, Merzak Allouache, and others. Supplementary theoretical, historical, and sociological materials may also be included to contextualize course material. Course conducted in French.

Prerequisites: to register students should contact Noelle Rouxell-Cubberly.
Credits: 4
M 12:10pm - 2:00pm; W 12:10pm - 2:00pm
Maximum Enrollment: 18
Course Frequency:
This course is categorized as 4000, All courses, Areas of Study, Blase Provitola, Four Credit, French, Languages, Monday and/or Thursday Afternoons.