Traces, Mistakes, and Leftovers (DRW4237.01)

Mary Lum

The role of drawing has changed over the history of art, from primitive recording to preliminary sketch, from documentation to works that function independently. How can we expand these notions to include the remnants of the making process. Can the research done before a project, the many mistakes made in process, or the discards left after completion of an artwork be considered acts of drawing? What happens in the moments when we think we aren’t working? Can we analyze our interactions with the world that lead to a certain way of making things? What is the necessity or value of ruins?

In this course students collect, analyze, and employ the physical and conceptual detritus surrounding their making process. Topics include: idea generation and development, the use of memory, teaching and learning, and drawing as a way of thinking. In-class activities and discussions are complemented by readings, writings, and the production of an individual body of work, including an elaborate commonplace book. Students are expected to be engaged in a concurrent 4000 level studio/making course.

Prerequisites: Two previous courses in Visual Art and permission of instructor. email Mary Lum prior to November 18 with reasons why this course interests you and what previous VA courses you have taken. Priority will be given to students with the prerequisites, and who will be enrolled in a concurrent 4000 level studio/making course.
Credits: 2
M 1:40-5:20 (first seven weeks)
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency: Every 2-3 years
This course is categorized as All courses, Drawing.