Visible Language: Word And/As Image (DRW4401.01)

Mary Lum

The observed world is covered with words, both visible and invisible. This advanced drawing course aims to underline the tensions and comforts of the relationship between words and images in visual art. Through assigned drawing problems that call upon students to complete and present visual work regularly, topics will include, sign and structure, letter formation and typography, concrete poetry, found language, illustration, and sequential imagery. An historical context of visible language will be presented, with special attention to the use of words in contemporary art. Students are expected to be able to think abstractly, and to consider reading and drawing important parts of their daily life. Class structure includes in class work, out of class assignments, independent work, readings, discussions and critiques. A high level of self-motivation is expected.

Prerequisites: Two previous visual art courses including one 4 credit drawing class and permission of the instructor. email Mary Lum prior to November 18 with reasons why this course interests you, and what previous VA courses you have taken. Priority will be given to students with the prerequisites, who email sooner rather than later.
Credits: 4
T 8:30-12:10
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency: Every 2-3 years
This course is categorized as All courses, Drawing.